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Created for anyone who wants to connect with their own unique creativity as part of self-care, Wellness Expressions is a

X-hour/session program.  Clients are able to turn off technology and the usual daily stresses to cultivate a state of well-being inherent to the artistic process.


Catherine acts as guide and facilitator to jumpstart creative work. Simple steps on how to use color and patterning are introduced. 

The process of repeating and layering color can be meditative… both relaxing and revealing. 

Unique painting tools facilitate a truly enjoyable experience; no matter how one was feeling coming into the session you’ll feel uplifted when it is over!.  We all need a creative break to reconnect with our essential selves, or to freely express what’s been held inside.!


Appropriate for any age and any level of experience (or none at all) Wellness Expressions is especially effective for those suffering from mental or physical distress or imbalance. 


The outcome of this workshop is both artistic & therapeutic. Clients often discover new aspects of themselves and in doing so are able to process life issues using creative means. 

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