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Catherine Shea began her study of visual arts at Havergal College and Ridley College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in 1987. She has painted and exhibited her work across Canada since 1986, and currently teaches her intuitive art workshops at her north Toronto studio, The Granite Club, and Artbarn School.


Ms. Shea is past Director of Primary Arts at Central Montessori School, and has presented her experiential learning classes at McGill University, University of Toronto’s OISE, and University of Ottawa. She is hosting her 3rd annual emerging artist exhibition and online art gallery, representing a roster of emerging artists in Toronto.


Born in the South, living in the North, J. Rosario is a multidisciplinary artist, passionate about colours, shapes, animation and the “magic: happening behind the browser. Versatile and resourceful, this talented artist, designer and coder, enjoys playing with graphics and art bringing them to life in the digital world. For more than 10 years, she has been helping clients around the world, creating their brand identities and building a professional online presence.


Last year, Rosario started her journey as a painter under the guidance of Catherine Shea, creating pieces in acrylic, learning different techniques and using interesting and fun tools. She also loves painting pieces in pastels and venturing into digital painting, exploring different styles, being Abstract, Naiff and African Art her favorites. 

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