Relaxation Painting

Join us to unwind and tap into your inner well of creativity in this unique abstract expressionist painting course. Art Coach Catherine Shea teaches students her signature style of

'painting from the gut' a personal intuitive method of learning tailored to students of all

experience levels. Beginners are welcome!

What to expect from this course.....

Students will be taught a focusing exercise to promote creativity, colour-mixing, colour palette creation, painting with unexpected tools & techniques to create colourful abstract artworks featuring texture, layering and patterns.

Along with being energizing, easy and fun, this inspiring course teaches students the benefits of 'creative fitness' as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Paint On!

Art Supplies Required

4 - 18” x 24” (or larger) canvas or mixed media paper

@6 – 10 acrylic paint colours (titanium white required)

@16oz. jar matte or gloss gel

1” flat brush, medium tipped brush, plastic fork,
cotton swabs, gift card/credit card to use as a painting tools

Palette paper or paint tray or paper plates

Spray bottle – water

round artist sponge