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Wednesdays 7pm-9pm EST via Zoom

April 3rd - June 5th 2024

10 Weeks



In this innovative and creative course, students will explore various aspects of ‘experiential learning’ with colour, form, and texture through an abstract lens with support and guidance of artist coach Catherine Shea. Students will discover new ways to learn about colour, form, pattern and texture in easy to follow steps designed for all levels of experience, painting from the comfort of their own home studios.


Catherine creates a non-judgmental nurturing environment sharing her stories and experiences for students to position themselves in an artistic space, reflecting on themes such as learner-autonomy, decision-making, self-direction, and vulnerability as part of creative growth and process.


Beginning each class with a short centering exercise, students will embark on learning exciting techniques, using unconventional tools to paint abstract themes.


Catherine’s coaching and facilitation is designed to 'meet students where they are at' to enjoy a fulfilling experience with great creative successes for each student – even those who have never painted, or think they cannot paint. 


Join Catherine’s growing international creative community!


*No previous painting experience required

*Students are sent a Zoom invitation and image for inspiration before each class


Supply List:

Selection of canvases/canvas board/mixed media paper

6 acrylic paint colours + black and white

Gel Medium (gloss or matte)

Palette knife set (plastic or metal)

Brush set (variety and size)

Credit cards (used as tools)

Artist sponge (round)

Plastic forks/cotton swabs

Masking tape


Spring Paint Night Online Course

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