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Mondays: 7pm- 9pm EST via Zoom 
10 Weeks: January 8th – March 11th


WELLNESS ART offers new creative pathways to those wanting to connect with their own unique inner-artist as part of growth, exploration and healing. It gives students the opportunity to turn off technology and daily stresses, to cultivate a state of well-being inherent to the artistic process.


Artist coach Catherine Shea acts as guide to prompt  students' intuitive processes, sharing her stories and experiences creating a unique environment for students to connect from the comfort of their home studio spaces.


Each session begins with a short relaxation and focus exercise, followed by simple steps for each student to learn about colour, form and texture through Catherine’s Abstract painting lens. 


This process of repeating and layering colour can become meditative in nature. Unique painting tools are used to promote a fun and enjoyable experience for students to achieve satisfaction and positive impact in completing the work. Students are encourage to keep a writing journal to document their painting experience.


Wellness Art can be taught to any age and level of experience, for those with mental/physical health issues, and for people who have never painted or think they cannot paint. Catherine ‘meets each student where they are at’ to create a warm welcoming creative environment.


The result and benefits of these workshops can be both artistic and therapeutic. Clients can learn different aspects of themselves, and can therefore unlock new creative pathways to navigate art as life.


The benefits of participating in this intimate artistic process are unique to each client. Join Catherine's international creative community!


*all levels welcome

*students will be sent a Zoom invite and image for inspiration before each class

Supply List:

Selection of canvases/canvas board/mixed media paper
6 acrylic paint colours + black and white
Gel Medium (gloss or matte)
Palette knife set (plastic or metal)
Brush set (variety and size)
Credit cards (used as tools)
Artist sponge (round)
Plastic forks/cotton swabs
Masking tape

Online Wellness Art Course 2024

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