A Contemporary Approach to Pointillism

After a short demonstration by the artist, which will incorporate an introduction to the concept of pointillism, the students will start the three stage process to creating their own painting.
The workshop is tailored to the age of the students and can be given in ½ day or full day sessions. It can also be spread out over 3 days to fit within the school schedule.

Stage 1
The background of the painting is being created by applying paint (maximum 6 pre-selected colours) with a traditional brush to form either vertical or horizontal lines. The stripes of colour are repeated in sequence to fill the canvas or selected paper.

Stage 2
Using cotton swabs and their choice of colours (maximum 6), the students dot the lines where stripes meet.

Stage 3
Students then use a fork to apply paint (maximum 6 colours) over the original striped background and in between dotted lines.

At the end of the workshop, students walk away with artwork that is rich in depth, texture, colour and movement, and a fun learning experienceof the basic concepts of pointillism.

Supplies required:
Paper or canvas
6 paint colors – tempera or acrylic
Paint tray for 6 colours (egg cartons)
Paint brush, small box cotton swabs, and plastic fork
Container for water

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