Corporate Workshop

The workshop highlights both the individual team members’ unique talents and the consolidated value of the group to showcase how each employee adds to the collective.

Catherine has designed a hands-on, engaging, three-step, abstract paint Group Art Workshop Experience, where participants create and complete their own 9” x 12” canvas. The Experience takes approximately two hours. While Catherine gives the group the same instructions, each finished work is unique as everyone brings his/her own interpretation to the exercise.


The Experience is comprised of four key components:


  1. Each member interprets the instructions and creates his/her vision.

  2. Within a very short time span, participants see their ideas translated.

  3. Upon completion, each piece is displayed in a way that provides equal weight to participants.​

  4. At the end of the workshop the pieces are brought together to reflect the power of the team’s mosaic.

*All supplies are provided. Set up and clean up is also included.


The program has been designed to accommodate all skill levels from novice to experienced artists.

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