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"Catherine's workshops are transformative. The range of abstract techniques that Catherine demonstrates will push you out of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to discover your new favourite method. Catherine has an intuitive understanding of the perfect amount of guidance needed during any given session. You will uncover hidden dimensions of your creativity, and this creativity will spill into other facets of your everyday life. You will come out with a creation fully your own that exceeds what you had imagined."

Christine Babikian

"The Abstract in Acrylics workshop was a perfect a way to reignite my love for painting.Catherine creates a warm and positive group dynamic. She knows how to quickly get the group painting with confidence and enjoying the process.She has a real sense for each person's level and caters her instruction to suit each student.The techniques that she taught were quite versatile and I've enjoyed applying them to my own paintings at home. 
I highly recommend Catherine's classes to enrich one's love for painting and simply to get inspired."

Michelle Perez

"Catherine helps her students discover their inner artist in ways they could have never imagined! 

Studying with Catherine is an experience where creative energy and meditative reflection co-exist and stay with the student long after the class is over."


Elise Herzig

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